What Does A Coach Do?

Please let me share one of my most closely held beliefs on what coaching actually is. I’m curious to know if you feel the same way. I’ve had this belief for as long as I’ve been a fitness professional…about 30 years.

I believe that the goal of coaching is to lift people up.

The concept is simple, but it’s the heart of what we do (at FRESH!, and what all great coaches do). We help people see greater potential in themselves and life…and to reach it. We help people expand their capabilities, beyond what they ever thought possible.

We believe in people…especially in those important moments when they don’t believe in themselves. We help people think differently so they can uncover solutions that were previously invisible.

We coach people doing things right…and celebrate those wins.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen that people will generally live up to (or down to) their expectations. As coaches, we have the ability to help people raise those expectations, and see their greater potential.

The most exciting part is when we combine this with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to help someone reach that potential. This is exactly why I coach.

Seeing the “light bulb” go on in someone’s mind. Seeing them realize and comprehend the power they have to accomplish their goals. Seeing the spark of passion that ignites a drive in the core of their being.

It’s why I coach in every area of life. Whether it’s clients, other business owners, students, or kids.

It’s not about the tools, processes, or fancy techniques. Those are just a way to get people from point A to point B in their journey.

It’s not about dictating what people need or imposing some rigid, cookie-cutter solution. It’s about helping each person I work with to unlock their unique potential. It’s not about perfection or having them follow my version of it.

It’s about helping them improve a little each day and most importantly to enjoy the process that produces these steady improvements. That includes learning to celebrate their small wins.

You see, I believe this is exactly what coaches do.

Trainers or instructors are narrowly focused on a particular skill at the expense of the bigger picture. They may lead you through a specific curriculum or routine…but their focus is on the particular skill they are teaching.

fitness coach with his clients

Coaches focus on the PERSON they are coaching. They uncover the WHY that drives each person.

They act as the catalyst for inspiration and motivation. They lift people up to become what they want to be and what they’re capable of.

Of course, at times, we need to put on our “instructor hat” and teach a new skill. That’s fine, and even the most important thing we can do in particular instances.

But far too often trainers, instructors, and clients lose sight of the importance of what coaching really is.

They continue to focus on the small details such as sets, reps, calories burned, calories consumed, or grams of a particular nutrient at the expense of the bigger picture and the person they are trying to help.

Our world is full of trainers and instructors. Just look on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok and you will find millions of “influencers” who are happy to demonstrate their favorite exercises (often a poor choice or with horrendous technique).

In fact, I would say “fitness instruction” is a commodity and officially free…or very close to it. Access to this type of instruction is increasing exponentially, and getting cheaper. We just have to look at the numbers to know this isn’t working.

With more information and instruction at our fingertips than ever, fewer people are healthy, happy, and living their ideal life.

They are struggling to manage the barrage of often conflicting information. This is a major contributing factor to why 2 out of every 3 people are overweight or obese these days.

On the flip side, the growth of this mediocre, one-way exercise demonstration makes real coaching even more valuable and stands out against the sea of instructors and trainers.

When pared down to the core, people are always searching for ways to help them bring out the best in themselves, to be lifted up mentally and emotionally, and to help them achieve more of their most important goals.

Because this is so customized to each person, it will be tough for it to ever be fully automated. So, I encourage you to look at the challenges you’ve been facing. Do they have to do with not having enough access to fitness instruction or nutrition advice? I didn’t think so.

What is the TRUE source of your challenge? Motivation? Inspiration? Figuring out the RIGHT things to do in a sea of information? Putting all the pieces together? Customizing the approach to your unique needs? Getting feedback at the moment? Having support and guidance from someone who truly cares about lifting you up?

If you answered YES to any of these, your investment is best made in coaching. More training and instruction won’t help you reach your goals.

As mentioned earlier, I started coaching to serve others. To help them experience that life is amazing and packed with potential.

To have them leave a coaching session feeling “that was the best part of my day…and today’s success will make tomorrow better”. Every time a client expresses this feeling, it’s rocket fuel for me and my team to keep doing what we do.

The great part is that we get to live our passion while helping you experience your best life. Sounds like a pretty good situation to me!

More people are making the transition from “working out” and following an instructor to working with an expert coach that ignites their potential in fitness and life.

If you are curious about what this looks like, book now your complimentary Success Coaching Session with FRESH! team, no strings attached.

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